Cottonmouth may refer to: the colour of its mouth as it is a pale white colour which it flashes as a sign of warning to possible predator. Another, more probable theory in regards to its common name is that early in American history when settlers came to America their cotton pickers were frequently attacked during the summer months by this snake, hence the common name of ‘cottonmouth’.

Anyway thats the snake…The artist Cottonmouth has emerged onto the scene at the start of 2010 and since then he has been hitting the world by storm with dubstep tracks that have dark, screaming basslines, sinister drum programming, and disturbing melodies. Add to this his highly sought skills as a DJ and the drive to
constantly bring his music to new heights.

Things have moved at the speed of light for this new producer who has already collaborated with the likes of Charlie Sloth from BBC 1xtra/Zagar/The Love Theme and had mass support from the likes of Kissy Sellout from BBC Radio 1/N-Type/Bobby Friction BBC 1xtra, these are just a few to say the least. Cottonmouth is now residing in Australia after he finished off his US/OZ tour there in April 2011, he got the bug and decided to take in the rays and enjoy the sun whilst continuing to get bookings all across Australia.

This artist doesn’t hold back and I can assure you there will be many more venomous things to come from this ever growing artist over the coming years.

Bookings :

Tyler Ethier
BaSickly Noize

Gareth Samuel
Get Ya Bass Out Agency

Latest tracks by Cottonmouth