Kannamix aka Flow is a French DJ/Producer living in the UK. His musical adventures started many years ago with classical guitar, bass and other weird instruments that will not be named.
In 2005, he discovers EDM and starts producing various genre of house music. Since then, Flow has studied sound engineering in the UK and is blasting out bass heavy tunes for club banging.

He has played in many clubs around the UK and France, destroying speakers and hearts with evil ease.
He is now preparing for a US tour as well as the British DJ Student Championships in Ibiza….

He got a live on Filth.FM every Friday from 8pm to 10pm GMT.

Supported by Hulk, Dr Philth, Dubstep Ranger, Killer Buddah, Symbl,Filth Cabin, Dubsilo.com, Squitty Bubbler and many more…

Keep an eye out for this crazy monkey….

US Bookings : brofilth@gmail.com
Remix/World Bookings : flochai@hotmail.fr

Latest tracks by Kannamix