TELMINI : noun (telmini)

1. a young artist who operates within the merciless world of electro music.
Despite his young age, he distances himself from his fellow artists thanks to a great talent coupled with an always state-of-the-art style.
His productions show orgasmic fickleness and avant-gardism, which could make a 12th Planet green with envy or skim off Skrillex’ hair.
The famous dubstep label Play Me 2 got it right, the relief is about to come, the toll of dubstep will soon be tolled.

2. a young DJ with a weird mask threading his way through clubs of the whole world. He is easily noted for his style, as volatile as his music is.
It’s a dangerous animal, which uses the bass pot to attract its preys on the dancefloor, finally finishing them off with its explosive drops.
Bring some pieces of cotton, you could have a nosebleed.

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