TheSK is a dubstep producer and DJ from south of France really influenced by the deep and wobbly side of dubstep.
He’s also A&R for the label section of BASS FREAK DOGZ Records.

Started to produce hardcore/drum n bass in the middle 2006, his production was already deep and dark. In 2009 he discovered dubstep and tried to make some few beats and finally enjoyed it and stayed into that production.

He had his first EP on a french netlabel, Pavillon36 Rec. That was just the begining of a nice love between him and his software.

Now spending lots of hours on Logic, he finally accomplished what he wanted. Having some releases signed and playing his way of dubstep on the french scene.
He’s now signed on Dub Cartel, Phucked Recordings, Monkey Dub Recordings and joined some other team like Filth Cabin, Irie Cartel and more.

He’s also using 2 others alias, both collabs. First one is with he mate Breaker Poker, they are BPSK (signed on Dub Cartel and Radikal Bass (vinyl + Digital releases ) ) and the other alias is Grim with he US mate Deemed.
He also work with people like Soloman, SnipaZ, Caidance, Traumax, Squalid Squad, Hubwar, sMILOdon, Grave Robber, just to name a few.

Watch out for more things for TheSK!

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