He’s a regular at electro-free parties and starts producing in 2009 to the beating of his drum’n'bass influences. His encounter with Audio Terrorist allows him to acquire solid technical basis.
Dubstep music turns out to be a catalyst of his first EP (French kiss, 02/2010), which enables him to join the RDA group. He evolves inside RDA among artists such as CHRISPY, COTTONMOUTH & HARD2FLIP.

From then on he performs DJsets one after another and makes the decisive encounter with PARANOISE COLLISION . Next they co-found the BASS FREAK DOGZ label with LOBSTER and VRACKER .

From now on he performs with his childhood friend LOBSTER around the DUAL SHOCK project.

Undoubtedly his energetic sets, precise but unpredictable, have the fans of heavy and fat sounds working up a good sweat: That’s fuckin filth bro’ !

Booking : subsiderbooking@gmail.com ; dualshock.contact@gmail.com

Latest tracks by Subsider / Dual Shock